Hi I'm Elizabeth and I'm from Southern California. Hella, I love In-N-Out but I'm not a big fan of Taco Bell. I can make that shit in my own home. I'm an Infj. Only one percent of the population has an INFJ Personality Type, making it the most rare of all the types.
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*grabs mic* yes hello friends I would like to tell you about my best friend Ellen. My bae, light of my life, my everything She is such an amazing person that I'm actually unable to use words to describe her. Like dang son!! So if you ain't following her then you should.


chris evans has sucked at least ONE dick in his life, i can tell

get to know me meme: (4/10) favorite moviescaptain america: the winter soldier

"Accidents will happen. HYDRA created a world so chaotic that humanity is finally ready to sacrifice its freedom to gain its security. Once the purification process is complete, HYDRA’s New World Order will arise. We won, Captain. Your death amounts to the same as your life, a zero sum!"

You ready?

Not at all. But that’s never stopped us before.

Chris Evans at the premiere of Before We Go

Do you see how pleased he is to see her happy about something? I don’t think he’s seen her genuinely happy about anything in months, basically since college started. He offers her real encouragement about how he feels she’ll be a good big sister. And on top of that, he manages to make her smile when he knows she’s full of worry about her mum’s condition. Finn is so perfect for her. They’re perfect for each other.


Broken people fall to bits sometimes. That’s what they do.”


This “Snake Juice” is practically rat poison. Everybody’s wasted.

would you trust me?

parks and recreation + text posts

The bankrupt government of Pawnee has been shut down all summer, so it’s been three months of no work, no meetings, no memos, no late nights, nothing. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.